JBFS, a prominent name among manufacturers and suppliers of a comprehensive range of high-performance construction equipment like industrial earth rammers. Our range of Vibrating Earth Compactor/Rammer is the perfect equipment for quick and perfect soil compaction. Our range offers high working speed at low cost, providing high compression performance and leaves maximum depth effect.This compactor acts as a mini road roller that is suitable for compaction of industrial concrete flooring, sub-base roadbeds and pavement block laying. This product is widely used for compacting areas of tarmac or asphalt or for tamping down backfill during the erection.

Fabricated using high-quality raw material,our Rammers have an efficient self-propulsion, guaranteeing rapid compaction of large areas and exceptional climbing ability, with working speed of upto 60-70 ft. and climbing gradient of upto 20% depending on the soil condition. It is universally applicable for all compaction works upto 500 mm compaction depth. Provided with a centrifugal clutch pulley for efficient and easy use ensuring its long life along with easy starting and idling. Our range comes with hand throttle control for varying frequency and speed. For easy transportation, we also provide a detachable trolley with wheels and a towing hook.