Tamping Rammer is here to cater the miscellaneous requirements of our customers. Part of our range of industrial earth rammers, Tamping Rammer is a unique type of vertical jumping Rammer particularly suitable when workspace for compaction is restricted. It has an impact force of about 1 ton and depth of compaction upto 300mm inspite of being so small.

Used for road repair work, embankment and backfilling work of cable trenches electric lines, telephone lines, water lines and road potholing. Suitable especially for compacting the roadbed with a low water content that heavy vibratory compactor could not work.

The Rammer can be height adjusted to suit individual operator, maximizing maneuverability and comfort. The large capacity and corrosion-proof fuel tank is equipped with a self-cleaning in-tank filter. For added operator convenience, a single lever controls start-up, speed, and engine shut-off.