Stationary Planetary Type Concrete Batch Mixing Plantby JBFS is renowned for their high-performance, productivity, accuracy and after sales service. Facilitated with massive industrial proficiency and understanding in this sector, our Batch MixingPlant is designed considering the harsh and rough environment it will be put to work it. A complete workhorse which can effectively be put to use for round-the-clock production churning out bulk concrete in short amount of time while maintaining the superior quality. A PLC type control panel is used to input recipes, set mixing time and adjust other important parameters to assist in speedy, precise measurement of input elements tie together the various parts and accessories of the mixer for coordinated, secure performance for a long functional life.The Plants can be provided with four to even six-in-line aggregate bins.

Our mixers through its counter-rotating shafts creating a spiral-shaped vertical and horizontal mixing ensuring a three-dimensional mix for the best concrete quality. When operated automatically, the output of these plants can be up to 30 cu. m. per hour.

The mobile batch mix plant is pre-assembled and factory tested before shipment; thus, the guaranteed way to rapid on-site set up and start up. Our entire assortment adheres to the international and national standards (IS 1791:1968). Can be availed in multiple configurations to match your business demands.